5 Benefits of STEAM


Want to raise better problem solvers? Try STEAM!

There is a lot of buzz around STEAM and how excelling in this area can help kids get into better colleges and prepare them for higher paying jobs in the adult world, but did you know that participating in STEAM can have an immediate impact on their development of important life skills?

You don’t have to wait for a college acceptance letter to see you kids benefit from STEAM. Participating in a STEAM program will help:

  • Develop problem solving skills. At TinkRworks, students are presented with a problem at the beginning of a session. Then, they begin brainstorming to figure out solutions, coming up with concepts from the most logical to the most far-fetched until they find a concept that might work. Developing solutions, looking at multiple ways to solve a problem, and using trial and error to work through problems are necessary skills that kids can use in all areas of their lives.

  • Spark creativity. At TinkRworks, art and creativity are at the center of all their projects. Weaving in artistic expression to a coding project, building a robot, or any other STEAM activity is at the core of the what TinkRworks does. Creativity isn’t limited to only the design of a project, but could lie in kids taking projects in another direction all on their own.

  • Foster innovation. Participating in a STEAM program gives kids the opportunity to see a project through from ideation to completion. This process teaches kids to innovate and form new ideas and concepts, which gives them a leg up in the classroom and once they enter the adult world.

  • Reinforce and augment learning. STEAM programs that are age-appropriate and align with a school’s curriculum help kids master the subjects they’re learning about in the classroom. STEAM curriculum can build on what they’re learning in school, which better prepares them to excel in science and math courses. STEAM after school and summer camps are great ways for kids to practice and master concepts taught in school. Plus, seeing the concepts come to life through building projects in a makerspace motivate kids to keep explore these subjects.

  • Foster Self-expression. At TinkRworks, teachers believe that kids should put their personal stamp on every project they complete. With STEAM, not only do kids develop the capabilities necessary to apply science, technology, engineering, and math skills to good use, they also focus on how to create beauty in these projects, which will be different for every child. By creating work that is beautiful to them, kids learn how to express themselves, and create projects that are all their own.