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July 8-18 1-3 2:00-4:00 Robotics: Build & Program your Droids! $325
July 8-18 4-6 2:00-4:00 Build-a-Bot $325

Robotics: Build & Program your Droid!


Date: July 08 - July 18

Join us on a journey far far away to build a one-of-a-kind Star Wars themed robot droid! In this camp, students will dive into learning all about robots. They will discover the difference between autonomous robots and other machines, and also the similarities between robots and humans! Once they learn about their bots, they will assemble their droids by bringing together a chassis, an Arduino micro-computer, sensors, and other materials. They’ll spend time learning not just about the electronic components, but will program their droid to move, explore, and play star wars themed sounds! To express their creative sides, the students will complete some pretty cool Star Wars themed artwork as well, and they will learn a lot about our galaxy by comparing real planets to Star Wars planets. Come be a Jedi (or a Sith) for a week and build your mini robot!

What the students take home: Fully programmed Droid robots

Grades: 1-3

Max Students: 12



Date: July 08 - July 18

At TinkRworks, we feel that to really appreciate the many aspects of robotics, children should be allowed to design, build and program their own individual robots—from scratch! In this camp, students will get the chance to create their own fully-functional robot using their imagination. They’ll spend time learning not just about the electronic components, but will code their bots to move, explore, and interact with their environment and ultimately do things that only students can envision. Students will start by designing their robotic frame using computer-aided design (CAD). Once done, these frames will be laser cut out of wood and provided to the students who then will incorporate a variety of electronics including motors, sensors, control electronics, and an Arduino board (mini computer). Finally, they will learn to code their creation to bring it to life in the way the want. Is your student ready for the exciting challenge of creating their own robot? Then this camp is the perfect choice!

What the students will take home: Completed Bots with remote control

Ages: 4-6

Max Students: 12