The Digital Media Track provides classes that introduce students into the world of photo, music, and video editing, as well as graphic design.  There are two pathways in the Digital Media Track: 

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Visual Effects Pathway

In this pathway, younger students will be introduced to digital media and will learn how to use video editing tools, such as iMovie, and how to create fun scenes using green screen videography.  Older students will go more in depth with digital media and movie making, and will learn advanced video editing to add special effects/video effects to their movies, and even learn 3D animation. 


  • Director

  • Visual Effects I

  • Visual Effects II


Graphic Design Pathway

The majority of images that we see in our world today are not created on paper, but rather in the world of digital media.  The graphic design pathway will provide students with the fundamentals of creating beautiful pieces of digital art .  Utilizing industry tools, such as graphics tablets and image editing software, students will learn how to create and edit images with infinite customization.  These projects include digital paintings, logo making, web design and much more.


  • Digital Illustration

  • Photo Editing

  • Web Design