June 3-7 7-9 9am- Noon Wizarding World Adventure
9-12 12:30-3:30 Game of Drones
July 29- Aug 2 5-6 9am-Noon STEAM Academy
7-9 12:30-3:30 Fly with Me: Rockets

Elmhurst Park District

375 W 1st St, Elmhurst, IL 60126


Wizarding World Adventure


Calling all witches and wizards! Come see what it would be like to be a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a week. Students will use science, technology, and their creativity to bring the wizarding world found in the popular book and movie series Harry Potter to life! They will start their journey by getting sorted by a “Sorting Hat” into their Hogwarts houses. Once sorted, the newly inducted Hogwarts students will construct a working Goblet of Fire that will use an Arduino microcontroller board to control LED lights to react when something is placed into the goblet. Students will attend Potions class and learn about the chemistry involved in making bubbling, color changing, and temperature changing “magic potions”. Finally, the students will get to see the magic Invisibility Cloak become a reality through the use of green screen videography! Come unleash your wizarding powers in this amazing TinkRworks experience and take your goblet home!

What the TinkRers take home:

Their Goblet of Fire, and any other project that they make.

Ages: 7-9

Date: June 3-7

Game of Drones


The classic is back! TinkRers will spend an epic week designing, building, and flying their very own quadcopters. During the week, they will learn all about the science of flight as they design their drones to achieve compromises between speed, acrobatics, and stability. To begin, the TinkRers will be given the basic components needed to make a drone and will be introduced to concepts on how the parts work together to enable flight. They will learn about the design rules and make choices to optimize their quadcopters for stability or maneuverability, depending on their preference. They then will have the opportunity to customize their drones through the use CNC milling. Throughout the week, TinkRers will exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills while building and customizing their quadcopters. TinkRers will improve their piloting prowess by participating in unique sets of drone games that will allow them to push their piloting skills to the edge. And...above it all, all TinkRers will take their drones home at week’s end so that they can continue the fun!

What the TinkRers take home:

A fully-functional quadcopter and transmitter along with a primary and back-up battery (with charger)

Ages 9-12

Date: June 3-7

STEAM Academy


This week long STEAM camp lets students engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math! They will participate in fundamental learning activities throughout the week and will then apply their learnings to build a final project at the end of camp. Students will learn about light mixing and how to change the colors of programmable LEDs, and they will use Arduino microcomputers to control an ultrasonic sensor to make their projects interactive. They will use sandpaper, paint and other art supplies to customize a wooden template and complete other cool art projects. The best part is, all of the art and electronics will come together at the end, and the students will be able to code their electric art to light up, play different sounds, and even move when people approach it! At the very end, the students will take their fully-functional creations home to show their families.

What the TinkRers take home:

All their projects.

Ages: Rising K & 1st Graders (5 & 6 yr)

Date: July 29-Aug 2

Fly with me: Rockets


3..2..1...LIFTOFF! TinkRers will have a blast as they build and launch their very own fully-functional and reusable rockets in this special camp focused on flight. The TinkRers will assemble all of the pieces of their rocket kits step by step, personalize them using paint and vinyl, and then watch as they soar over 500 feet in the air! But how does a rocket fly up that high? Well, the TinkRers will learn all about the science behind Newton’s Laws and how they allow a rocket to lift off the ground, and they will participate in exciting experiments that mimic Newton’s Laws in action during a rocket launch. The TinkRers will learn about the history behind rockets and space shuttles and about the mechanism of how model rocket engines work to propel the rockets into the air. They will also experiment to see just how high different engine strengths can propel the rockets (weather permitting). Of course, the TinkRers will be able to launch their rockets multiple times throughout the week, and we will even attach a camera to an instructor rocket to see the view from 500 feet in the air! This camp is perfect for TinkRers who like to shoot for the stars, so come fly with us!

What the TinkRers take home:

Their fully-functioning rockets that they design

Ages 7-9

Date: July 29-Aug 2