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Aug 5-9 7-9 9:00-12:00 Fly with Me: Rockets 4060050-A $500 / $600
Aug 12-16 5-6 9:00-12:00 STEAM Academy 4060050-B $500 / $600

Fly with me: Rockets

Fly with me Rockets.jpg

Date: Aug 05 - Aug 09

3..2..1...LIFTOFF! Students will have a blast as they build and launch their very own fully-functional and reusable rockets in this special camp focused on flight. The students will assemble all the pieces of their rocket kits step by step, personalize them using paint and vinyl, and then watch as they soar over 500 feet in the air! But how does a rocket fly up that high? Well, the students will learn all about the science behind Newton’s Laws and how they allow a rocket to lift off the ground, and they will participate in exciting experiments that mimic Newton’s Laws in action during a rocket launch. The students will learn about the history behind rockets and space shuttles and about the mechanism of how model rocket engines work to propel the rockets into the air. They will also experiment to see just how high different engine strengths can propel the rockets (weather permitting). Of course, the students will be able to launch their rockets multiple times throughout the week, and we will even attach a camera to an instructor rocket to see the view from 500 feet in the air! This camp is perfect for students who like to shoot for the stars, so come fly with us! 

What the students take home: Their fully-functioning rockets that they build

Ages: 7-9

Max Students: 12

STEAM Academy


Date: Aug 12 - Aug 16

Code your own electric art! Students will choose and customize a wooden façade and will attach electronics to their art piece to make it light up, play different sounds, and move when people approach it! Students will explore light mixing and how to change the colors of programmable LEDs, and will learn how to program microcomputers to control an ultrasonic sensor to make their projects interactive. Best of all, students will take their fully-functional creations home to show their families! 

What the students will take home: Their personal electronic art pieces they create

Ages: 5-6

Max Students: 12