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June 10-21 11-15 9:00-4:30 Imagine It; Design It; Make It $1899
June 17-21 7-8 9:00-4:30 Movie Makers: Superheroes $799
June 24-28 9-11 9:00-4:30 Easy as Pi $799
9-15 9:00-4:30 Drone Domination Basic Mini Drone: $849; Advanced Drone: $999;
Autonomous Drone: $1074; Racing Drone: $1149
July 08-12 9-15 9:00-4:30 Drone Domination Basic Mini Drone: $849; Advanced Drone: $999;
Autonomous Drone: $1074; Racing Drone: $1149
July 15-19 7-8 9:00-4:30 Movie Makers: Superheroes $799
July 15-19 9-15 9:00-4:30 Amusement Park Architects $799
July 22-26 9-11 9:00-4:30 Easy as Pi $799
July 29-Aug 09 11-15 9:00-4:30 Imagine It; Design It; Make It $1899

Movie Makers: Superheroes

Movie maker.jpg

Dates: June 17 — June 21, July 15 — July 19

Look!  Up in the air!  It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a TinkRworks superhero!  Come join us in an awesome camp where students can star in their very own superhero movie!  Movie Makers introduces students to cinema and digital media. During the camp, students will learn to plan, shoot and edit their own videos. They will use a live streaming software called Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to record their scenes, and will incorporate digital techniques such as green screen videography to make their superhero fantasies a reality.  Along the way, the students will learn all about the film industry and compare how vintage and modern movies are made, plus they will participate in some fun acting games that will get even the shyest heroes out of their seats and having fun.  Finally, no superhero movie is complete without some cool gadgets, so the students will be able to design and assemble key costume pieces, such as Wonder Woman wrist armor or a Captain America shield.  This camp will enable students to express their creativity by creating their own stories, and best of all, each student will get to take home their movie at the end! 

What the students will take home: A copy of their movie as well as all personal prop pieces they create

Ages: 7 - 8

Imagine It; Design It; Make It

Imagine it, Design it, Make it.jpg

Dates: July 29 — Aug 09, June 10 — June 21

For makers who want a truly unique Summer Camp experience, we highly recommend Imagine It; Design It; Make It. During this two week-long TinkRcamp, students will come up with a problem that they have an interest in solving.  After applying constraints to the problem (e.g. time, money), they’ll then design a solution to the challenge and implement it using all the tool sets available at the TinkRworks Engagement Center under the guided supervision of our instructors!  Campers of various age ranges will be able to make projects such as beautiful pieces of electronic artwork, catapults with wireless launching capabilities, electronic devices to measure heart rates, laser trip wires, clothes or pillows with LED lights, laser cut chassis for robots, or anything else they can think of... the possibilities are endless!  Imagine It; Design It; Make It is an experience where campers get a chance not just to dream, but to bring their dreams to life! 

What the students will take home: Their functioning prototype invention and all that goes with it!

Ages: 11-15

Easy as Pi

Easy as Pi.jpg

Dates: July 22 — July 26, June 24 — June 28

This camp will create the ultimate Raspberry Pi experience by mixing together all elements of what makes a unique TinkRworks camp— making, electronics, and coding!  The Raspberry Pi has become the cornerstone for makers all around the world. To get to know this unique micro controller, we will first start with an installation of Raspian, the Raspberry Pi operating system, to make this a fully functioning computer together with keyboard and mouse.  Then we’ll jump into gaming by using the Python programming language to customize the behavior of the game Minecraft. Students will be amazed with all they can do in such a small versatile package!  Finally, students will create their own Pi-based creation by embedding the Pi to transform it into their own creation, such as an Internet radio, digital picture frame, an electronic assistant, or some combination of those ideas!  Students will even be able to add 3D-printed or electronic accents such as LEDs or motors to bring their creation to life, and in the end, they’ll get to take their Pi creation home! 

What students take home: Personal Raspberry Pi device that they constructed

Ages: 9-11

Max Students: 12

Drone Domination


Dates: June 24 - June 28, July 08 — July 12

Calling all drone enthusiasts!  Join us in one of the most unique drone-building and flying camps offered in the nation.  In this highly unique camp, students will come together to design, build, and fly drones of all types and varieties, ranging from mini drones to drones used for videography/photography, to racing, drones, to autonomous drones.  This class will start in the TinkRworks Center where after selecting the drone type they wish to build, each student will design their drone frames using computer-aided design (CAD).  Once completed, the students will learn about 21st century toolsets (e.g., 3D printers and laser cutters) and use them to fabricate their designs and customize them using paints and designs.  Students will then learn about electronics and integrate them onto their drones and finally program them to take flight!  In the process, students will use flight simulators to learn to fly and then head outdoors to pilot their drones in open fields and learn to navigate drone courses set up on these fields.  Throughout it all, instructors will bring in a variety of drones—microdrones, high-speed racing drones, and videography-rigged drones—and perform demos for the students to show what is possible.  As students piloting abilities improve throughout the week, they will have the chance to try and fly different types of drones as well.  Come join us in this camp designed specifically to foster community within the drone space! 

Prerequisites: none, though instructors will contact parents and students well ahead of time to ensure that students are matched with the drone type/category that best suits their experiences and piloting abilities.

What students take home: Their personal drone that students design, fabricate, and build along with all associated electrical components and transmitters.  Please note videography/photography components ARE NOT included and must be purchased separately.

Pricing:  $849 base pricing plus materials fees as listed below (based on student selection and experience—instructor will contact parent after registration to ensure registration is well-matched to student abilities)

  • Mini drone (brushed motors, 150ft range, flight speeds of 10 mph):  No additional materials fee

  • 450 mm drone (brushless motors, 0.5 mile range, flights speeds of 30-35 mph, capable of adding videography/photography elements) :  Additional materials fee of $150

  • Autonomous drone (brushless motors, >1 mile range, flight speeds of 30 mph, mission planning capabilities, videography/photography elements possible):  Materials fee of $225

  • Racing drone (brushless motors, 0.5 – 1 mile range, flight speeds of 50-70 mph, wireless first-person view (FPV) camera capabilities possible):  Materials fee of $300

  • Customized drone outside of drone types listed above (student and instructor will co-design drone):  Material fee dependent upon drone parts (to be discussed with parents and students ahead of time)

Ages: 9-15

Max Students: 12Jun

Amusement Park Architects

Date: July 15 — July 19

In this awesomely creative camp, students will collaboratively produce a scaled version of an amusement park complete with moving rides, food stands, people and, of course, amusement park sounds and lights! Students will first brainstorm what kind of park they would like to bring to life ,and will then determine which iconic structures they would like to build. Once they’ve collectively agreed on a plan, students will put on their design hats to layout their structures in computer-aided design (CAD) software and then fabricate these elements using a combination of 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling. After customizing their structures with paints and markers, students will add various electronic components such as MP3 (sound) generators, LED lights, and perhaps even light-sensitive sensors that can activate electronics to bring their final project to life. 

What the students take home: All individual pieces that they created for the model

Ages: 9-12

Max Students: 12