Students taking projects in the Makerspace Track will learn to use combinations of digital and traditional toolsets to bring their ideas to life.  Students will learn the ins and outs of the design and fabrication process, starting with Computer-Aided Design (CAD). They then will utilize a variety of different toolsets (e.g., 3D printers, laser cutters) as well as traditional tools, such as screwdrivers and wrenches, to transform their project from concept to reality.


Junior Maker Pathway

This pathway serves as an introduction to Making for younger students.  Students will be introduced to the basics of 3D design and will learn how to use computer-aided design tools (CAD) to make 3D printed and laser cut creations. They’ll then add electronics (e.g., LEDs and sound chips) to their projects and learn simple coding to control the light colors and sounds as the final touch!


  • Intro to Making

  • World of 3D

  • Illuminate It!

  • Art Electric


Intermediate Maker Pathway

Courses in this pathway pose specific problems for students to solve that focus on enhancing their design and fabrication capabilities.  Students completing this pathway will gain a solid understanding of all Makerspace toolsets and learn to operate all toolsets, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and more!


  • Makerspace I: Big City

  • Makerspace II: Renewable City


Advanced Maker Pathway

In this pathway, students will think of their own problems that they would like to solve and will be able to utilize all facilities within the makerspace to develop prototypes to solve these problems.  Students will expand their understanding of not only what toolsets can do, but also how toolsets can do things. 


  • Imagine It. Design It. Build It.

  • Makerspace III: Big Build