Fail Early, Fail Often

A word on the TinkRworks philosophy from our co-founder Anu Mahajan who recently gave a TEDx talk about inspiring children to change the world.


Inter-Disciplinary Approach

We believe the best solutions to complex problems come from incorporating different perspectives and disciplines. Our emphasis on STEAM carries over into projects that are explicitly designed to bring together different subject areas and modes of thinking. Our approach emphasizes tinkering in both the digital realm as well as in the physical world, leveraging the latest advances in 3D printing, electronics, programming, and robotics as well as teaching traditional skills such as sawing and screw driving. Combined together they provide an unparalleled environment for fun and learning.

Learning Beyond School

TinkRworks cultivates knowledge and skills that children may not be exposed to in school at the elementary or high school level. This includes early and direct exposure to STEAM fields that they may choose to pursue in their later schooling and careers. In addition, all TinkRworks programs are designed to enhance problem-solving skills by teaching persistence, providing space to express creativity, exposing children to design and ideation frameworks, and building a toolbox full of maker skills.



Excellence in Instruction

Our instructor base is comprised of PhDs, technology-industry veterans, teachers, and child-development specialists all of whom have strong passion and interest in propelling each TinkRer to success. We also guarantee an instructor:student ratio of 1:6 or better at our Center and a ratio of 1:12 or better at our school programs and at our summer camps.

Project-Based Learning

Our project-based approach orients students to identify challenges that must be overcome in order to solve complex problems – terrific preparation for how the real world works.