Engagement Center

In addition to serving as the primary location and headquarters for TinkRworks, our center is a physical, age-appropriate makerspace (STEAM lab) based out of the Chicago-land area, where students come Monday-Saturday and dive into a variety of STEAM projects with the support of experienced professionals.

It’s fun and it’s energetic. Creating that sort of environment does wonders for the kids.
— Joanne Attlan


Group Courses

During group courses instructors will guide and support students as they progress through a multitude of STEAM projects. Our multidisciplinary approach is aimed towards skill set development and problem-solving enhancement. Students work both independently and with classmates in project-based settings to craft creative solutions to problems they are given. We offer courses to all ages and experience levels in areas of robotics, software, digital media and making.


Open Lab

During these instructor-supervised sessions, focus is placed on creative exploration and inspiring curiosity.  Students are provided full use of our Engagement Center to further hone their skill-sets and assess new ways to solve the problems outlined in their projects. Students will interact with other students from different projects and age groups to discuss problems, generate new ideas, and collaborate on solutions that they might not have otherwise devised on their own. Past projects include :

  • LED based digital Etch-A-Sketch

  • Self Watering Plant System

  • Raspberry Pi Video Game System

  • and more


Private Lessons

TinkRworks offers 1 on 1 instruction in a number of STEAM related topics including robotics, digital design, and coding. We also support our students in several academic competitions such as Science Olympiad. Give us a call today to find out more about our offerings.