Aug 5-9 7-9 9am- Noon Wizarding World Adventure
9-12 12:30-3:30 CSI: Gold
Aug 12-16 7-9 9am- Noon Fly with Me: Rockets
9-12 12:30-3:30 Game of Drones

Park Ridge Park District

2701 W Sibley St, Park Ridge, IL 60068


Wizarding World Adventure


Calling all witches and wizards! Come see what it would be like to be a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a week. Students will use science, technology, and their creativity to bring the wizarding world found in the popular book and movie series Harry Potter to life! They will start their journey by getting sorted by a “Sorting Hat” into their Hogwarts houses. Once sorted, the newly inducted Hogwarts students will construct a working Goblet of Fire that will use an Arduino microcontroller board to control LED lights to react when something is placed into the goblet. Students will attend Potions class and learn about the chemistry involved in making bubbling, color changing, and temperature changing “magic potions”. Finally, the students will get to see the magic Invisibility Cloak become a reality through the use of green screen videography! Come unleash your wizarding powers in this amazing TinkRworks experience and take your goblet home!

What the TinkRers take home:

Their Goblet of Fire, and any other project that they make.

Ages: 7-9

Date: Aug 5-9

CSI: Gold


HELP! The TinkRworks golden drone has been stolen from the safe…. And the TinkRworks team needs help finding out who did it! A brave group of detectives and forensic scientists will need to take the case and use biology, genetics, and chemistry to identify the correct suspect. In this camp, TinkRers will practice paying close attention to details and will gather genetic evidence and use context clues to solve the mystery. The TinkRers will practice extracting fingerprints from a surface and will also discover the different biological patterns of fingerprints by observing them under a microscope. They will learn about DNA and how genes are expressed differently in different people, and will use this information to compare the DNA of hair samples found at the scene and hair obtained from the suspects. They will take an unknown substance left by the robber to the lab and use different chemicals such as iodine and vinegar to determine its identity, and they will also compare a note the robber left to handwriting samples and determine what ink the robber used using paper chromatography! The TinkRers will even be able to try and extract their own DNA from saliva and the DNA from a strawberry! Are the TinkRer’s up for the challenge? TinkRworks will be eternally grateful!

What the TinkRers take home:

A mini mystery kit so that they can set up a crime scene in their own home!

What the TinkRers cannot take home:

The TinkRworks Golden Drone

Ages: 9-12

Date: Aug 5-9

Fly with Me: Rockets


3..2..1...LIFTOFF! Students will have a blast as they build and launch their very own fully-functional and reusable rockets in this special camp focused on flight. They will assemble all the pieces of their rocket, personalize them using paint and vinyl, and then watch as they soar over 500 feet in the air! But how does a rocket fly up that high? Well, students will learn all about the science behind Newton’s Laws that allows a rocket to lift off the ground, and they will participate in exciting experiments that mimic Newton’s Laws in action during a rocket launch. Students will also delve into history behind rockets and space shuttles and about the mechanism of how model rocket engines work to propel the rockets into air. They will also experiment with different engine strengths that can propel the rockets and will launch their rockets multiple times throughout the 2 weeks, and we will even attach a camera to an instructor rocket to see the view from 500 feet in the air! This camp is perfect for students who like to shoot for the stars, so come fly with us!

What the TinkRers take home:

Their fully-functioning rockets that they design

Ages: 7-9

Date: Aug 12-16

Game of Drones


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and join us in this one-of-a-kind design, build and fly camp! In Game of Drones, will build their very own quadcopters (drone with 4 propellers) from scratch and will learn about the science of flight and how each component (like propellers, motor etc) of the quadcopter works. Each student will be testing and using brushed DC motors, flight-controller boards (with wireless receivers), motor mounts, LEDs, and transmitters. They learn how to customize using of ACS Makerspace tool sets like 3D-printers, and once drone construction is finished, the students will polish their piloting skills as they learn to fly their drones. And the best part? They get to take home their drones and controllers to continue the fun!

What the TinkRers take home:

A fully-functional quadcopter and transmitter along with a primary and back-up battery (with charger)

Ages 9-12

Date: Aug 12-16