Stop by Our Engagement Center!

Our state-of-the-art Engagement Center is located in Downtown Hinsdale at 21 W Second Street on the 3rd floor. Parents and children are welcome to stop by to learn firsthand what we do and how we do it.  Please contact us at 708-401-5956 or email us at to set up an appointment.

Our After School Programs

We currently offer two after school programs-- one at our Engagement Center and a second at local-area schools. These programs provide children with exceptional hands-on, STEAM-powered projects that:

  • Foster a love of creating
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Reinforce and expand on concepts and ideas taught in school
  • Provide delight and inspire curiousity
  • Encourage self-expression

Click here to register for our Winter and Spring Classes classes. Download our 2018 Winter and Spring Catolog!

Engagement Center

At our TinkRworks Engagement Center located in Downtown Hinsdale, we offer a wide range of after-school and weekend projects for TinkRers aged 6-14. All of our projects are organized into the following tracks:

  • Our Exploratory Track contains introductory projects that provide exposure to a wide range of topics (e.g. coding, robotics and making). Offered throughout the entire academic year.
  • Our Emphasis Track contains quarter-long sequence of projects that provide depth in a particular subject area (e.g,. Robotics I, II, and III). Offered on a quarterly basis.
  • Our Immersion Track contains a nine-month sequence of immersive STEAM projects that allow TinkRers to bring to life what they learn in school, and beyond, in deeper and more meaningful ways.

To explore our project offerings in more detail, please visit our registration page. Or download our 2017 Fall Catalog now

At Your Child's School

In addition to projects offered at our Engagement Center, we will be offering projects after school at the following schools this fall. To register, visit

  • Avery Coonley School in Downers Grove.
  • Walker School in Clarendon Hills.
  • Monroe School in Hinsdale.
  • Oak School in Hinsdale.
  • Elm School in Burr Ridge.
  • Brook Forest School in Oak Brook.
  • Madison School in Hinsdale.
  • Seton Montessori School in Clarendon Hills.

If you are interested in hosting TinkRworks at your school, please contact us at 708-401-5956 or email us.

What makes TinkRworks unique?

Learning beyond school

TinkRworks™ cultivates knowledge and skills that children may not be exposed to in school at the elementary or high school level. This includes early and direct exposure to STEAM fields that they may choose to pursue in their later schooling and careers. In addition, all TinkRworks™ programs are designed to enhance problem-solving skills by teaching persistence, providing space to express creativity, exposing children to design and ideation frameworks, and building a toolbox full of maker skills.

Excellence in Instruction

Our instructor base is comprised of PhDs, technology-industry veterans, teachers, and child-development specialists all of whom have strong passion and interest in propelling each TinkRer to success. We also guarantee an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:6 or better

Inter-disciplinary approach

We believe the best solutions to complex problems come from incorporating different perspectives and disciplines. TinkRworks'™ emphasis on STEAM carries over into projects that are explicitly designed to bring together different subject areas and modes of thinking. Our approach emphasizes tinkering in both the digital realm as well as in the physical world, leveraging the latest advances in 3D printing, electronics, programming, and robotics as well as teaching traditional skills such as sawing and hammering. Combined together they provide an unparalleled environment for fun and learning.

Project-based learning

Our project-based approach orients TinkRers to identify challenges that must be overcome in order to solve complex problems – terrific preparation for how the real world works.