Following is the list of summer camps run by TinkRworks under the Robotics category.


Robotics: Build your Droid


Join us on a journey far far away to build a one-of-a-kind Star Wars themed robot droid! In this camp, TinkRers will dive into learning all about robots. They will discover the difference between autonomous robots and other machines, and also the similarities between robots and humans! Once they learn about their bots, the TinkRers will assemble their droids by bringing together a 3D-printed chassis, an Arduino micro-computer, sensors, and other materials. They’ll spend time learning not just about the electronic components, but will program their droid to move, explore, and play star wars themed sounds! To express their creative sides, the TinkRers will complete some pretty cool Star Wars themed artwork as well, and they will learn a lot about our galaxy by comparing real planets to Star Wars planets. Come be a Jedi (or a Sith) for a week and build your mini robot!

What the TinkRers take home:

Completed Droids

Ages 7-9

Date: Aug 5-9

Max: 12 Students

Galaxy Droids!


Join us in this highly unique robotics camp designed for our young learners with a focus on developing problem-solving and pre-coding skills through hands-on STEAM enrichment activities. Students start by learning about robots. What are robots? What can they do? How are they used? Using this knowledge, students, will then begin building a their very own Star Wars-inspired droid. The droid will then be equipped with a microcomputer, lights, sounds, sensors and a remote control that students will learn to program using our specially-designed app. Along the way, students will learn the basics of circuitry, how a motor works, the science of light, the science of sound, and much more. Best of all, students will take home their droids at the end of the camp so the fun can continue!

Morning 1hr Block

Grade Bands: Grade 1

Date: June 17 - June 28

Max: 12 students



For those who have interest on the “making” side of robots, be sure to check out this highly unique robotics camp as it’s right up your alley! In this camp, students will focus heavily on the building side of robotics as they create robots that move and perform tasks of their choosing! Students in this camp will leverage the full capabilities of ACS Makerspace to design, fabricate, and assemble their very own robot using CAD software and a combination of 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling toolsets. Once they complete their robotic-chassis design, students will add electronics which will include motors, micro-computers, lights, and music players. Once fully assembled, they will code their robot to move via a remote control that they’ll program. And best of all, they will take their robots home with them at the end!

Afternoon 2hr Block

Grade Bands: Grade 4-6

Date: June 17 - June 28

Max: 12 students



Join us in this highly unique robotics camp which combines fun, enrichment, and plenty of hands-on STEAM activities. Students start by learning about what robots are and where they are used. Students then roll-up their sleeves and get to work on building, wiring electronics, coding, and customizing their own Star Wars-inspired robotic droid. Students will learn fundamental electronics & programming skills as they create a fully-functioning, remote-controlled droid that moves, flashes lights, and plays droid-like sounds. Along the way, students, will improve their problem-solving skills as they attack and solve a variety of robotic and programming challenges. Best of all, students will take home their droids at the end of the camp so the fun can continue!

Morning 1hr Block

Grade Bands: Grade 2-3

Date: June 17 - June 28

Max: 12 students

Game of Drones


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and join us in this one-of-a-kind design, build and fly camp! In Game of Drones, will build their very own quadcopters (drone with 4 propellers) from scratch and will learn about the science of flight and how each component (like propellers, motor etc) of the quadcopter works. Each student will be testing and using brushed DC motors, flight-controller boards (with wireless receivers), motor mounts, LEDs, and transmitters. They learn how to customize using of ACS Makerspace tool sets like 3D-printers, and once drone construction is finished, the students will polish their piloting skills as they learn to fly their drones. And the best part? They get to take home their drones and controllers to continue the fun!

What the TinkRers take home:

A fully-functional quadcopter and transmitter along with a primary and back-up battery (with charger)

Ages 9-12

Date: Aug 12-16