The Robotics Track represents TinkRworks largest portfolio of courses, as there are five independent pathways, each comprised with multiple courses. Students who have interest in robotics will find plenty of options to pursue across these pathways!  Since the five pathways run in parallel, students need not finish a full pathway before starting another and may hop from one pathway to the other. 


Lego Mindstorms Pathway

This pathway provides students with a comprehensive curriculum centered around the Lego Mindstorms robotics platform.  Introductory projects focus on building simple robots, learning about different sensors, coding robots to complete challenges, and very importantly, identifying and using the proper names for parts.  As projects progress, students advance their capabilities across critical robotic areas including building, sensing, moving, and developing algorithms by tackling increasingly sophisticated challenges provided to them.


  • Jr. Lego Robotics I

  • Jr. Lego Robotics II

  • Jr. Lego Robotics III

  • Jr. Lego Robotics IV

  • Lego Robotics I

  • Lego Robotics II

  • Lego Robotics III

  • Lego Robotics IV


Maker Robotics: Land

This pathway is for students seeking to design and develop their own land-based robots.  Each course in this pathway allows students to design, fabricate, assemble, and program their own robots to solve challenges, ranging from simple motion challenges in our introductory courses, to full-blown autonomous missions in our most advanced courses. Introductory courses will incorporate Arduino electronics to control movement and functionality of robots, while more advanced courses will additionally incorporate Raspberry Pi mini computers, enabling increased functionality.


  • Maker Robotics Land I

  • Maker Robotics Land II

  • Maker Robotics Land III

  • Maker Robotics Land IV


Maker Robotics: Air

Air robotics encompasses the world of drones (multi-copters) and planes.  As part of this pathway, students will take a progression of courses that help them acquire knowledge of how to design, build, and program vehicles to take flight.  Introductory courses will focus on frame design and basic electronics integration.  As courses progress, students will focus more time on advanced electronics and programming these electronics.  Our most advanced courses will focus on autonomous flight and on mission-planning techniques and execution.  In all courses, unless otherwise specified, students will spend time honing their flying skills as well.


  • Maker Robotics Air I: Introduction to Quadcopters

  • Maker Robotics Air II: Advanced Multi-copters

  • Maker Robotics Air III: FPV Multi-copters

  • Maker Robotics Air IV: Autonomous Quadcopters

  • Maker Robotics Air V: Racing Quadcopters


Maker Robotics: Water

This unique pathway is designed for students interested in making remote-controlled boats and submarines.  Students taking this sequence will work with pre-designed hulls and incorporate electronics and program them in ways to power their electronics.  In advanced projects, students will incorporate increasingly sophisticated electronics into their vessels including a variety of sensors to help them navigate water-based missions autonomously.


  • Maker Robotics Water I: Introduction to Surface Vessels

  • Maker Robotics Water II: Autonomous Surface Missions

  • Maker Robotics Water III: Intro to Underwater Vessels

  • Maker Robotics Water IV: Autonomous Submarines


Competitive Robotics Pathway

TinkRworks offers students the ability to compete in the international First Lego League (FLL) Challenge, where over 280,000 students competed over the past year. The competition runs from mid-August through January and consists of three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. Teams of up to ten students compete in the challenge by building and programming their own autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game), developing a solution to a real-world problem they have identified (Project), and exemplifying the FIRST Core Values. Teams may then attend an official tournament, hosted by our FIRST LEGO League Partners.

TinkRworks is able to support two teams: one team with open enrollment that allows students who have some Lego experience to take part in competitive robotics first-hand, and a second invite-only team that is composed of highly experienced FLL students.


  • Open Robotics: FLL

  • Competitive Robotics: FLL