Following is the list of summer camps run by TinkRworks under the Software category.


App Incubator


Angry Birds, Snapchat, Pokémon Go. Mobile applications, or simply Apps for short, like these have transformed the way we use technology in our world. During this week-long camp full of adventures in coding, TinkRers will learn amazing skills in the fundamentals of building Apps. TinkRers will begin the week by learning how to use an interactive development environment, similar to Scratch, called MIT App Inventor. This online tool, in combination with an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, will enable children to create Apps by dragging and dropping elements such as buttons, pictures and characters into place on an empty canvas. Then, by learning about and adding coding blocks, TinkRers will bring these Apps to life so that they respond to touch, play sounds and show animations. Throughout the week, TinkRers will explore basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, timers and conditionals. They will learn how to build utility and game Apps, and by the end of this camp, they will have the experience necessary to create apps on their own that they can show off to friends and family!

What the TinkRers take home:

Apps that they create.

Ages: 9-12

Date: July 29 - Aug 2


In this unique camp, students will use the ACS makerspace to construct a robot from scratch and then spend considerable time coding it to perform a variety of tasks. Students will start the camp by laser cutting their robot chassis out of wood and then spend time integrating electronics onto it to make it come to life. That’s just the beginning of both the fun and enrichment though, as focus then will shift to coding. Once the robots are up and running, students will spend time solving robotic challenges which will develop and hone their coding skills. Early challenges focus around object detection and avoidance and also line following. As students become more comfortable with coding, challenges will increasingly focus on sensing the robots environment and reacting to it in a way to make decisions that incorporate motions, sound, and light. Along the way, students will learn about advanced sensors and use them as part of their challenges. A great course to enhance the problem-solving capabilities and do so in a fun environment. And, let’s not forget they take everything home with them once the camp ends!

Afternoon 2hr Block

Grade Bands: Grade 6-8

Date: July 15 - July 26