The Software Track allows students to explore new outlets focused on programming.  The track builds and reinforces fundamental understandings of core programming elements, such as algorithms, loops, and conditionals, but then goes deeper into more advanced concepts of programming such as the use of data structures and text-based languages. After completing a main track, students will be invited to choose an exciting and challenging capstone project, such as creating their very own mobile app or website!


App Dev Pathway

In the App Dev Pathway, students learn about the history, background, structure, and making of apps, which they then apply to create mobile apps of their own design inspired by their personal interests. Students also focus on making apps that incorporate virtual reality and other elements of advanced design.


  • App Dev I

  • App Dev II

  • App Dev III


Computer Science Pathway

The Computer Science Pathway is for students seeking to learn text-based programming and fundamental concepts around text-based languages. Students will learn a variety of programming languages including Python, JavaScript, HTML, as well as C/C++.  In addition to learning specific languages, students also explore topics in data structures and algorithm development. 


  • CS I

  • CS II

  • CS III


Web Development Pathway

In this pathway, students will learn the fundamental skills involved in creating their own websites.  They will learn basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to control how their websites look, and will even learn how send information from their websites to the Cloud.  This pathway will be very useful for students looking to develop a sleek platform to display a portfolio of their achievements, or for students just looking to publish their own interest pages or blogs!


Game Development Pathway

This pathway is perfect for the video gamers out there who want to create their own games. Students will start out by learning the basics of game development, and will apply the principles of game design to create both 2D and 3D games. At the end, students will be able to take home and play their games on their own devices and share with their friends and family!