STEAM Academy


About STEAM Academy

Camp Description

Code your own electric art! Students will choose and customize a wooden façade and will attach electronics to their art piece to make it light up, play different sounds, and move when people approach it! Students will explore light mixing and how to change the colors of programmable LEDs, and will learn how to program microcomputers to control an ultrasonic sensor to make their projects interactive. Best of all, students will take their fully-functional creations home to show their families! Note: An additional $25.00 is required for the materials.

Grades: K

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of a microcomputers and how to use a block programing to control it

  • Learn the qualities of light and how to control the light produced by minipixal LEDs

  • Explore how sensors interact with the environment and can be linked to sounds

What the Students Take Home

  • A fully functional electronically controlled Piece of Art that they customized

Notes from ELM:

  • I think we should put dates after the School Name

  • I think each camp should have only one age/grade band. If we want to do more age bands, then the second/third/etc camps needs a new name and modified description for each age band. This is Ritu’s point, that parents want to think each grade level is more challenging, so it needs to sound “harder” as we have done with all the Wizarding camps.

Running at:

  1. Avery Coonley School REGISTER

2. Bollingbrook Park District REGISTER

3. Elmhurst Park District REGISTER

4. Glencoe Park District REGISTER

5. Glenview Park District REGISTER

6. Park Ridge Park District REGISTER