The TinkRworks Approach

TinkRworks Offerings + School Teachings = 21st Century Preparedness

TinkRworks prepares students to achieve success in a 21st century world! Students work in a creative maker environment where they complete hands-on projects that reinforces what they learn in school. They develop enhanced problem solving and critical reasoning skills by using their minds and hands to create beautiful solutions to problems challenging the world today. At TinkRworks, we provide exceptional hands-on experiences that teach children to make, and think, through experimentation, failure and iteration.

Our instructional approach emphasizes:

● Making ● Project-based learning ● Holistic curriculum ● Inter-disciplinary approaches ● Best available resources ●

Founded on excellence in Instruction with Low Student-Teacher Ratios

Implementing our approach requires that we hire only top-notch instructors. On this point, the instructor base we have assembled
comprises of lifelong TinkRers: PhDs, university professors, technology-industry veterans, and gifted teachers - who share a
passion for supporting and guiding each student to success.

Additionally, we firmly believe that each student needs direct and personal access to these instructors.
As a result, we maintain low student to instructor ratios of 6:1 which allows students to explore new learnings and experiences.


TinkRworks Summer Camps for 2019!


  • Architect-a-City

  • Bionic Bike

  • Fly With Me: Rockets

  • Rocket Control Center

  • STEAM Academy

  • CSI: Gold


  • Build Your Droid

  • Galaxy Droids

  • Make-a-Bot

  • SpaceBots

  • Game of Drones


  • App Incubator

  • Software

  • Code-a-Bot

  • Software

  • Pi Based Gaming


  • Wizarding World Adventure

  • Wizarding World Challenge

  • Wizarding World Quest

  • You Are A Wizard!

TinkRworks Camp Locations

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TinkRworks Summer Camps Dates and Locations


Location Details


1. Hinsdale Engagement Center

Tinkrworks will be running STEAM camps at their Engagement Center in Hinsdale for students to leverage their Maker Space toolsets like 3D printers, Laser Cutter, CNC Milling Machine


2. Avery Coonley School

Tinkrworks is very excited to partner with ACS to offer enriching STEAM camp and Making experiences at Avery Coonley.

Grade K: STEAM Academy

Grade 1: Galaxy Driods, You’re a Wizard!, Fly with me: Rockets

Grade 2-3: SpaceBots, Wizarding World Quest, Rocket Control center

Grade 4-5: Wizarding World Adventure, Game of Drones

Grade 4-6: Make-a-Bot

Grade 6-8: Architect-a-City, Code-a-Bot

Big city 1.png

3. Elmhurst College

Tinkrworks is back this summer at the beautiful campus of Elmhurst College with exciting and new STEAM camps


4. Kindi Academy School

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5. Bollingbrook Park District

Tinkrworks STEAM camp will run at Bollingbrook Park District

Ages 5-6: STEAM Academy

Ages 7-9: Robotics: Build your Driod, Fly with me: Rockets

Ages 9-12: Game of Drones, Bionic Bike, App Incubator


6. Elmhurst Park District

Tinkrworks STEAM camp offerings at Elmhurst Park District

Ages 5-6: STEAM Academy

Ages 7-9: Wizarding World Challenge, Fly with me: Rockets

Ages 9-12: Game of Drones


7. Glencoe Park District

Tinkrworks STEAM camp at Takiff and Watts Center, Glencoe

Ages 5-6: STEAM Academy

Ages 7-9: Robotics: Build your Driod, Fly with me: Rockets

Ages 9-12: Fly with me: Rockets, Bionic Bike

Ages 12-15: Bionic Bike


8. Glenview Park District

Tinkrworks STEAM camp will run at Glenview Park Center

Ages 5-6: STEAM Academy

Ages 7-9: Robotics: Build your Driod, Fly with me: Rockets

Ages 9-12: Game of Drones, Bionic Bike


9. Park Ridge Park District

Tinkrworks STEAM camp will run at Maine Leisure Center, Park Ridge

Ages 7-9: Wizarding World Challenge, Fly with me: Rockets

Ages 9-12: Game of Drones, CSI: Gold